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Bamboo & You, 202 5th Ave. S.E. located in the historic district of downtown Olympia between Blackbird Mercantile/Trading Company and The Olympia Film Society's Capitol Theater.
Moving in June of 2016, Bamboo & You initially opened their doors from a former location just steps away from the current street front space we now occupy.

The inception of Bamboo & You came from a visit to a Bamboo store in Kaapaa, HI This tiny street facing store was owned and operated by a local family plus the family dog.. The ambiance and relaxed style in this retail space featured bamboo floor purchases, hand made cloisonne pieces and a few tee shirts for sale! I was so surprised when I discovered the tee shirts were also made of Bamboo....."How could that be?" I had wondered. Shortly thereafter I learned the impressive benefits and sustainability of Bamboo Clothing.

Bamboo is not only incredibly soft it is Moisture Wicking, Hypo-allergenic, Anti-Microbial, Odor Repelling, Has some UV Protection and Machine Washable.

Bamboo has several ways of being processed. Basically it comes from the stalks at three to four years old. The plant grows primarily in China's lowlands and needs little to no water. The Bamboo plant is immune from attacking insects so it doesn't require any pesticides. The product is hypoallergenic in it's natural state and known to block harmful UV rays. Flying home I couldn't stop thinking of the many benefits of Bamboo as well as the sustainability aspect. and of course the welcoming and relaxed lifestyle one feels while visiting the Islands....a lifestyle I aspired to live. I decided if I could find a place to promote my dedication to living ecologically, I would satisfy a dream of owning a boutique.while welcoming all who entered my doorway.

Even though our 'new' location is much larger, we feel we have placed items in a reasonable fashion so our patrons can find their tried and true favorites (socks, underwear, tees, sheets and towels) and still see the fabulous latest Eco Fashions!